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Rokiprag - is the complex impact of a measure that makes it possible to grow  healthy plants and have an abundant harvest. This new product is composed of specific plant-derived compounds - bioflavonoids and an excipient complex. Flavonoids (from the Latin word "flavus - Yellow) – are naturally occurring chemical compounds  in plants that are class used in the food industry, as food supplements and in the production of herbal medicines. Scientific studies have found that a natural antioxidant complex has a positive impact on the human body. Most important is to investigate if bioflavonoids are allergic, an anti-oxidant and have anti-bacterial and have an, anti-cancer effect.. However Rokiprag,has a beneficial effect on soil and biochemical processes of these compounds in plants. It forms the basis of this new and innovative soil conditioning
soil quality improvement. Because of deep knowledge of the natural flavonoids the developers decided to use all the other important properties of these compounds in the myriad of possibilities.

Natural antioxidants in relatively small amounts are found in all parts of the plant, as they determine the critical processes such as plant growth, rooting habit, nutrient uptake of elements, protection from germs, information transfer to other plants and in the symbiose with "the good" soil microorganisms.

Rokiprag - is a completely natural emulsion with no ingredients that have been achieved by the chemical synthesis route.,. Developmental Agro Technologies become more and more popular not only for yield purposes, but also for vegetable product quality and safety and environmental sustainability issues. Research data from fertilization revealed that synthetic fertilizer plants absorb only part of the useful materials, and the rest disperses in the environment, or is transformed into plants in less accessible forms of nutritional elements. Quite large farmers using mineral fertilizer do not only fail in their functions, but also it has a negative impact on the environment (ground water and ground). Improving the efficiency and more efficient use of fertilizer nutrients, fertilizers reduce the negative impact on the environment, in recent times, both in Europe and in the world at a state level to promote and create ecological, natural, biodynamic farms. For these reasons, more and more effort to use organic, bio-organic fertilizer is fostered. Depending on the legal framework of each state, such fertilizers are allowed to use organic and biodynamic production farms. This complex of bioflavonoids naturally isolated from plants, could potentially be used not only in traditional farms, but also in organic farms, or those holdings that aim to grow the highest quality agricultural products.

Rokiprag makes it easier to absorb nutrients.
The immunomodulator contained in bioflavonoids, once in the soil is able to present some of there readily available trace elements (such as phosphorus or iron) into more available forms to plants and other soil microorganisms. For this purpose, the plants themselves naturally from its roots release flavonoids, but in addition to the insertion of the soil of these compounds, nutrient availability and uptake processes further improve. Of natural antioxidants with the ability to create complex plant necessary nutritious elements, the nutrient availability will be improved and as well the transport processes in the plant. The plant slows unused material that escapes into the deeper layers of the soil or groundwater. Since flavonoids are able to transfer naturally in the soil, existing nutrients and trace elements will be more available for plant forms, using Rokiprag. The uptake of being incorporated into soil synthetic fertilizer also could be improved.

Natural antioxidant complex promotes plant and soil microbial processes in collaboration
Bioflavonoids without improving nutrient absorption play an important role in activating the mutually beneficial plants and bacteria and plants, and the "good" relationship between soil fungi. Because of these relationships, the plant growth yield improves and the plant becomes more mature. As Rokiprag is incorporating materials that promote good bacteria in the soil, including the atmosphere of nitrogen-fixing microorganisms, the development,of the plant is also accumulating a number of fixed nitrogen from the air. For this reason, an increase in plant protein content, plants become more valuable both as food and animal feed use. On the relations between plants and bacteria, both types of organisms into the environment by releasing substances and activities, improves soil and chemical properties. This useful plants and bacteria cooperation strengthening the roots of the plant intensifies its metabolism. Plants can reach the deeper layers of the soil to reach the nutrients. This useful plants and bacteria cooperation strengthening the roots of the plant has intensified its metabolism, plants can reach the deeper layers of the soil the nutrients. So bioflavonoids contained in  Rokiprag serve as signaling molecules and, thus, the plant attracts beneficial "good" bacteria and encourages their development and interaction with plant roots. These processes accelerate plant growth and development, contributing to the improvement of crop quality.

Plant communication
Until very recently, in 2007. Canadian scientists have made an incredible discovery, which revealed another special feature of plant bioflavonoids. Scientific studies have shown that plants are able to recognize each other and exchange information. This interaction takes place between the plants on a molecular level, and the signal molecule is the role, in particular, certain bioflavonoids. One type of plant flavonoids thanks to the ability to recognize the same plant species, in other words, your brother - Tribesmen "growing near” will help him to grow. This assistance is that it tries to plant its root system not to expand too much, enabling their neighbour relative to successfully develop and grow together. However, if the plant recognizes a stranger, it is another type of plant, it begins to expand its extensive root system, trying to oust the invaders. So, the preparation Rokiprag efficiency based on the fact, that by using alien plant flavonoids, plant competitiveness increases, root growth and a stronger root system development are intensified; at the same time the whole plant becomes bigger and much more vibrant, is rapidly growing and developing, and has a higher resistance to disease. In other words, bioflavonoids can serve as a tool for stimulating the growth of plants.

Rokiprag stops harmful, plant diseases-caused by germs that multiply.
An increase in the plant, the rapid growth and development, and their resistance to diseases and pests can be achieved not only for the plant's ability to effectively absorb nutrients, beneficial cooperation with benign microorganisms, or traditionally used in pesticide exposure, but also of natural plant protection from the harmful effects of substances. These plant materials can distinguish themselves or help protect the plant itself. These materials may be additionally given to plant natural products, thanks to Rokiprag. In research, it was found that bioflavonoids, among the foregoing characteristics, also have antifungal, antibacterial and antiviral activity. The antimicrobial effect of natural antioxidants in the cell on molecular levels and when   associated with a particular flavonoid molecule can help. Thus, this feature helps Rokiprag components plants in a natural way, without being harmful to man and the environment. The use of synthetic pesticides, to protect themselves against harmful organisms and diseases is also a possibility.

Natural, safe for the environment and human health
As mentioned above the Rokiprag tool is natural because it is derived from plants instead of the synthetic chemical pathway as most other fertilizers, and soil conditioning. Flavonoids safety to the environment and human health and toxicology proves the components of the preparation. The immunomodulatory components are non-toxic and safe for the environment, because in countries such as the USA, Russia, CIS countries, China, Japan and others there is no regulation. The complex of natural antioxidants that are part of the individual materials are  used in the food industry (for example, the dairy industry and the manufacture of beverages), manufacture of food supplements and parts of the cosmetic compositions.

So Rokiprag is a safe and natural conditioner suitable for use as organic, biodynamic and organic component in traditional agriculture.